Our Programs

Our basic service is a week’s worth of food for each family, including the following items:

  • Fresh produce

  • Frozen meat or plant-based protein

  • Bakery items

  • Dairy and deli products

  • Frozen foods

  • Non-perishable foods

The Port Angeles Food Bank is setup like a grocery store, where clients are able to shop for themselves with points instead of dollars. This food bank model not only empowers our clients to make their own food choices, it also reduces food waste when they take what they will use.

How it works

  • When you get checked in you will be asked to provide photo identification

  • You will also be asked to provide the names and ages of the other people living in your household

  • Each household gets 35 points for the first person, plus 5 points for each additional person, up to a maximum of 60 points

  • Spend points like $$ at a grocery store

  • Clients can come twice in a month and spend their points how they choose

  • Our clients who are currently experiencing unstable housing are welcome to visit weekly and are encouraged to divide their shopping points appropriately

  • Many items do not cost points but have daily limits. (Bread, Produce, Grains, Sweets, Pet Food, Hygiene & Household items, Baby Food, and TEFAP)


Shopping hours

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

11:00am - 3:30pm


Senior & Special Needs Day

2nd Thursday

11:00am - 12:00pm


TEFAP is a new program that is offered by the WSDA in partnership with OlyCap. Lower income families who earn 185% or less of the federal poverty level and are in need of food are eligible to receive TEFAP food. TEFAP foods include a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, rice, and dairy. While most food comes in shelf-stable form, fresh and frozen commodities are also found in TEFAP distributions. The emphasis in the last few years has been on healthier foods which includes more low-sodium, low-fat, and fresh options.


available during all

distribution days


CSFP is also a new program in partnership with OlyCap and WSDA that provides food "packages" to the elderly at least 60 years of age. Elderly clients must not have monthly incomes more than 130% of the federal poverty level. The food packages provide clients with almost 28 pounds of critically needed food each month. Participants receive real food and not food vouchers. The focus is on nutritional supplementation and provides a variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy juices, dairy, potatoes, cereal, rice, and protein.

Available from 11:00-12:00pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month


available during sr. & Special needs day

2nd Thursday

11:00am - 12:00pm


Friday food bags & Break bags

In collaboration with the Port Angeles School District, the PAFB offers students in need with a meal for the weekend. This service is available to students eligible for the Free/Reduced Meal Program. Volunteers assemble the food bags and bring them to schools on Friday mornings. School staff will hand out the bags before your child leaves school Friday afternoon. In addition to the weekend bags, the Port Angeles Food Bank also offers BREAK BAGS for during Winter and Spring breaks. These bags are full of fresh produce as well as pantry items in hopes to supplement families food while the children are at home over breaks.